Elite Influencers

Sarah Seoudi

Chief Operating Officer and Founder, Elite Advisement Group
Director and Founder, Transformative Strategies

My mission on this earth is to create a world for our youth to thrive in by tapping into their own inherent power. If we wish to leave a world of beauty to our successors we must begin within ourselves. Let us allow the recent pandemic to empower us to lead through actual proof and truth. The future belongs to those who are brave enough to explore and expand on the beliefs that no longer serve us as a species.The Current Projects and Roles I am involved in rely heavily on my experiences and life force. My constant strive to implement creativity and growth in every task and/or obstacle faced has blossomed the two companies I founded: Elite Advisement Group & Transformative Strategies Inc. Each company has a goal to assist people, whether it’s business or personal ventures/challenges, with a laser focus to help people through Consulting and Coaching are the driving forces that brought EAG and TSI to fruition, alongside my Co-Founder, Team and Our Community.

Bawa Jain

Founder and President, The Centre for Responsible Leadership
Secretary General, The World Council of Religious Leaders
Secretary General, Responsible Leaders Summit

Bawa Jain is a world-renowned visionary leader, political figure, and powerful, influential, and motivating speaker. He can speak on any and all topics across many sectors including but not limited to: religious diplomacy, spirituality and religion, non-violence, global environment conservation, mentorship and coaching, mental health awareness and much more. Mr. Jain has been internationally recognized for many of his accomplishments and achievements in areas of responsible leadership, peace, non-violence, and education. Mr. Jain has made it his life’s mission to partner with like-minded individuals to redesign today’s world.

Allen Clary

Founder, Plan Your Start
Instructor of Entrepreneurship, University of South Florida
Co-founder, Tampa Bay Wave
Chair & Wealth Creators Peer Group Leader, TIGER 21

Allen spent more than two decades working for others and climbing the corporate ranks where he eventually rose to COO and then CEO. However, something was always missing along the way and he often felt fundamentally unhappy, unfulfilled, and ultimately disillusioned. So he ‘quit to start’ more than once on his journey, sometimes well, sometimes not so well. He had successes and he had stumbles. Then with what he learned, he discovered his unique ability to help others believe in themselves, gain the knowledge, and achieve their dream of independence, creativity, and self-actualization.

Dr. Ricky Lockett

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
(Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist)

Dr. Ricky Lockett, DO is a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist in Saint Petersburg, FL and has over 37 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicine in 1984. As a Physiatrist, he specializes in helping patients with disabilities. His focus is on rehabilitation, restoration of function and a return to a high quality of life.